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Southern Cross University is a comprehensive public university established in Australia in 1994.
Southern cross university is composed of two college, college of humanities and commercial law school, under the two college has a number of department, including the humanities later, education, environmental science and management, department of Australian aboriginal, health and human sciences, trade and management, tourism and hotel management, school of law, institute of management, Sydney hotel department etc.
Schools have many undergraduate, graduate and PhD degree, such as social science, contemporary music, media, visual arts, business management, children education, primary education, secondary education and technology education, environmental science, ocean science and management, clinical science, health care, natural therapy, physical therapy, psychology and indigenous research, information technology, law, tourism management, hotel management, etc.
The school’s dominant disciplines include subtropical forest, coastal management, environmental geochemistry, environmental science, natural resource management, sports science and sports management, tourism and hotel management, etc.
The employment income of graduates in their first year is rated as five stars by Australian authorities.
Southern Cross university ranked 27th out of 37 Australian universities in a 2007 Ranking by the Melbourne Institute.

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