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Founded in 1592 by Queen Elizabeth I, Trinity College Dublin is the oldest university in Ireland.University of Ireland with University College Dublin in the top two.The college’s main campus is located in the centre of Dublin. The lush campus is home to three centuries of old buildings and state-of-the-art teaching facilities (such as a sports centre and nanotechnology research centre).There are schools of arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, schools of Engineering, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, and Schools of Health Sciences.Each has a business school, drama, film and music college, language, literature and culture research institute, school of law, college of education, English language institute, institute of psychology, social science and philosophy institute, institute of biochemistry and immunology, institute of computer science and statistics, college of engineering, institute of mathematics, natural science institute, institute of physics, college of dentistry, school of medicine, etc.Among them, humanities have the longest history, and computer and business administration are the ace majors of Trinity.The College also has several research centers.Some of the most distinguished people in history have been educated here, such as writers Beckett and Swift, mathematician Hamilton and Nobel Prize winner Walton.



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