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The University of Montpolyere II is a comprehensive public university in France.
It was founded in 1969 after the breakup of montpolyere University, which was founded in 1289.
Mainly focus on the training of science and engineering talents.
Montpellier’s two largest institutes of botany in Europe retain the institute of Botany established in 1889 and are housed in the City’s botanical garden.
In addition, the school has been expanded to include an engineering college, a school of management, a National Institute of Advanced Chemical Engineering, an educational research institute and three university technical colleges.
The established majors include biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, informatics, mechanical engineering, etc.
It attracts many scholars, researchers and foreign students from all over the world every year. It also has close ties with southern European and Mediterranean countries and plays a leading role in many research fields.
For example, research in the field of biomedicine and agriculture has close cooperation with several well-known French research institutions CNRS, INSERM, INRA, IRD and CIRAD.

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