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Founded in 1850 by a Roman Catholic priest and his brother, The University of Dayton is a Catholic university offering undergraduate and graduate programs. With more than 11,300 students from 60 countries, it is the largest private university in The state of Ohio.
With 70 academic departments in the arts, business administration, engineering sciences, education, and law, The University of Dayton also functions as a regional college town for those who want to learn and develop their leadership skills through learning.
The University of Dayton is rated a national level 1 university by US News & World Report and is one of the top Catholic schools.
The Ohio Department of Education once rated the state’s teacher education program on a four-tier scale, with the University of Dayton’s teacher education program receiving the highest rating.
Geography at the university of Dayton, about 2 miles southeast of the city of Dayton suburb, quiet environment, safe and tidy, provides the high quality learning environment, and the city of Dayton is a famous Wright – Patterson Air Force Base, Mead, Reynolds, Standard Register big companies such as the company is located, is also the birthplace of aviation industry, is one of the largest concentration of science and technology talents in the world.
At the same time, the University of Dayton also has several international branches. The China Research Institute of the University of Dayton is located in Suzhou Industrial Park, which has the headquarters or branches of one third of the fortune 500 companies, and has a large number of internship and employment opportunities.

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