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Popular major
School of Business administration: Business, E-commerce, Human Resource Management, Accounting, Economics, Finance
College of Engineering: Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Forestry Engineering, Geomechanical Engineering, Geological Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Software Engineering [2]
College of Computer Science: Computer Science and Literature, Computer Science and Education, Computer Science, Computer Science and Geometric Engineering, Software Engineering
College of Science: Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics and Statistics, Physics, microscopy and microanalysis
Faculty of Arts: Anthropology, Classics and Ancient History, Economics, English, French, Fine Arts, German, History, Information and Media Studies, International Studies, philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology, Mathematics and Statistics, Multimedia Studies, Spanish.
4INTERNATIONAL Colleges &Universities 31
2010 Research Infosource Inc. Top 50 Canadian ResearchU
Niversities National University ranks 25th in research capability
· 2010 MACCLEANs-Comprehensive 6 Canadian Magazine
Global Ranking of Business Schools (GCE
The Gourman Report on Canadian Undergraduates published by Princeton Center
McLean Magazine Canada comprehensive University Rank: 8

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