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The University of Newcastle is ranked in the top 10 for research in Australia and in the top 100 for both engineering and computer science, according to a global ranking by Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
In addition, Newcastle University has strong research strengths in the fields of medicine, science and information technology, energy and environmental research.
Newcastle university set up a research center in every key research fields and research institute, the key research areas include: behavior science, biology, medicine, architecture, business, education, electrical engineering, computer science and information technology, materials science, environmental system, mineral and processing, the physical system, public health and social research, regeneration system.
Some of its Research Centres, such as the Priority Research Centres, have developed a reputation as one of the first Australian universities to offer a Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme. Graduates of the MBA programme are eligible for admission to the CMAA.
In addition, its teacher education programme is the largest in Australia;
Its courses in medicine, engineering, law, science and architecture are also recognized by professional bodies.
As a result, the employment rate of graduates from this university is extremely high.

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