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The University of Utah is located in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.
Founded in 1850, the university is a national university surrounded by U.S. national parks.
With more than 31,000 students, the University of Utah is the oldest and largest higher education research institution in the state.
The university is well equipped, including a research center for environmental biology, a laboratory for human genetics, a government research center, a library, a museum of natural history, a botanical garden and a museum of art, etc.
The University of Utah was ranked 13th in educational administration, 14th in pharmacy, and 16th in algebra, number theory, and algebraic geometry in the 2007 edition of US News.
The University of Utah offers undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral degrees, as well as language programs and online courses in the School of Continuing Education for students of all levels.
School’s most popular courses include: legal, marketing, medicine, sociology, accounting, business administration, medicine, history, philosophy, linguistics, pedagogy, psychology, oncology, radiology, film studies, finance, economics, anthropology, anesthesiology, Asian studies, art, architecture, school psychology, information science, drama and the environment, the psychological consultation, chemical, physical therapy, and natural resources protection and so on.


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