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The University of Western Sydney is located in New South Wales, Australia.
Founded in 1989, the University is the first joint university in Australia. It consists of three parts: Hawkesbury College, Macarthur College and Nevian College. The oldest one has a history of more than 100 years.
In 2015, the name of the school was changed from University of Western Sydney to Western Sydney University.
The University of Western Sydney offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses, mainly including:
Finance, agriculture, Asian studies, aeronautics, banking, consulting, business management, biological technology, architecture, mass communication, computer science, creative writing, the design, the dispersion treatment, the economic and financial, education, electronics, engineering, environmental health, environmental management, environmental planning, environmental science, administration and protection of environment beautification, and language planning, finance, food and nutrition, food technology, health care, history, horticulture, hotel management, humanities, information, interpretation/translation, law, literature, management, marketing, manufacturing, and master of business management, nursing and professional health and safety care, professional
Health care, professional treatment, performing arts, the brotherhood of disease treatment, real estate management and assessment, psychology, public health, science, social management, social anthropology, social ecology, social science, social work, sociology, sports research, taxation, technology management, tourism management, teaching, visual art and visual communication, etc.

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