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Brock University is one of the famous public universities in Canada.
Brock University has been one of the most prestigious institutions of higher education in Canada since its founding in 1964.
Brock university topped the list of 29 Canadian universities in terms of teaching quality, taking sixth place overall, according to the Report published by the Globe and Mail. It is also accredited by the American Association of Business Schools (AACSB), along with elite institutions such as MIT, Yale, Queen’s, Harvard and the University of Toronto.
Brock University has the highest employment rate among Ontario universities, at 97 percent.
Brock University is known for its focus on group research and small class sizes, where students work with top professors on a variety of campus research projects, many of which have won international acclaim.
Brock University consists of schools of Management, Arts, social Sciences, Mathematics and Sciences, Sports and Recreation, and education.
Major professional include: accounting, business management, finance, human resource management, international business, marketing, public management, communication and classical philology, ancient classical art and architecture, research, English language and literature, communication, economics, environmental policy, film studies, geography, labor studies, political science, psychology, sociology, women’s studies, environmental economics, chemistry, physics, nursing, computer science, earth science, environmental science, mathematics, science, etc.

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