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Charles Stewart University (CSU) is a comprehensive public university in Australia.It was formed in 1989 by the merger of the Mitchell Institute of Higher Education in Bathurst, the Riverina Murray Institute of Higher Education in Oberry Woonga and the Riverina Institute of Higher Education in Wagenwago, among other institutions, and was named Charles University in honour of Charles Stuart School.The University has four schools, including the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Business, the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Science.The university offers a wide range of undergraduate, master’s and doctoral programs, as well as a well-known large-scale distance learning program.Schools have undergraduate majors including accounting, management, economy, and the performing arts, journalism, mass communication, photography, advertising media, television production, social science, art, literature, anthropology, visual arts, graphic design, early childhood education, primary and secondary school education, English teaching, nursing, pharmacy, medicine, biological engineering, agriculture, applied science, computer and information technology, environmental science, ecology, parks and leisure management and so on.The university offers graduate programs in accounting, applied sciences, arts, commerce, trade, education, health sciences, information technology, social sciences, agriculture, theology, visual arts, and so on.Doctorates in business administration, education, visual arts and science are also awarded.With several campuses, Charlestor University is the largest university outside of metropolitan Australia and a leader in distance learning.Through a variety of teaching methods offered by in-school, distance education and course providers, universities have spread their excellent courses across national boundaries to all parts of the world.
In the good Colleges Guide 2006 and 2007, The University received five-star ratings for starting salaries, employment rates, positive outcomes and an international learning environment.

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