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Flinders University is an Australian comprehensive public university established in 1966.
Flinders University is part of the Australian higher education system and makes an important contribution to the economy and society of South Australia and the country as a whole.Flinders University consists of four faculties, including education, humanities, law and Theology;
Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Science and Engineering;School of Social Sciences.Flinders university of undergraduate, master’s and doctoral courses, such as computer science and information technology, aquaculture, archaeology, liberal arts, international finance, biotechnology, business, accounting, environmental science, management science, culture, tourism, development studies, drama and film studies, economics, ecological tourism, education, engineering, health science, international business, international relations, language, law, Marine biology, medicine, meteorology, nursing, political science, psychology, administrative management, disability studies, theology, women’s studies and so on.
The school’s dominant subjects are biotechnology, medicine, environmental science and so on.In the world University Rankings published by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Flinders University is ranked in the top 10 universities in Australia, 64th in the Asia-Pacific region and 400th worldwide.

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