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Founded in 1912 as the Kenosha School of Continuing Education, Gatway College of Technology is a technical college in Wisconsin.
Gatwick College of Technology is one of 16 technical colleges in The state of Wisconsin and is part of the Wisconsin System of Technical Colleges.
Gatway College of Technology is committed to providing education, training and technical resources to ensure economic growth and dynamism, and to meet the changing needs of students, employers and communities.
Gateway has many specialized professional technology college, including accounting, airline pilot training, vehicle technology, civil engineering, criminal justice, early childhood education, image transmission, hotel management, industrial machinery technicians, business management, nursing, photography, surgical technique, marketing, hair beauty, welding, CNC production technicians, financial planning, network security, game programming and gardening, etc.
As a community work skills training resource centre, Gatway Technical College knows how to help students gain competitive professional skills to succeed in a rapidly evolving market environment.

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