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James Cook University is a public Australian university with a leading position in tropical biology.The school was established on April 20, 1970 and was taken over by the JCU Council in 1997.The University has four faculties, including literature, education and social sciences;Faculty of Law, Business and creative Arts;Faculty of Medicine, Health and Molecular Sciences;School of Science and Engineering.School offers more than 160 undergraduate and 140 graduate students, which includes many fields, such as tourism management, accounting, applied science, literature, biology, medicine, business, management, economy, education, civil engineering, computer, electronics, electrical, environmental engineering, machinery, information technology, journalism, law, management, music, nursing, psychology, biochemistry, botany, chemistry, geography, geology, Marine life, mathematics and statistics, physics, microbiology, zoology, physiology, drama, conducting art, tropical oceans and environmental chemistry, and so on.The school’s preferred subjects include tropical veterinary medicine, Marine biology, applied science, etc.Shanghai Jiao Tong University ranked among the world’s top 500 universities in 2007, one of 15 Australian universities on the list.In 2008, the RANKING of JCU rose from 403-500 to 303-401.In the 2007 Asia Pacific rankings, JCU ranked 42-68 among the top 100 universities, and ranked 10-14 among Australian universities.

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