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Kennesaw State University (KENnesaw state University) is a public, comprehensive university that is known for its high quality of undergraduate, master and doctoral degrees.
Kennesaw state university is located in located 25 miles northwest of Atlanta (1 mile equals 1.609 kilometers), many universities in the United States is located in ZhongXiaoCheng city, left for the states have 29 colleges and universities, only 8 in the metro Atlanta, want to know what great cities, Atlanta is the southeastern United States has held the Olympic Games in 1996.
Florida has 29 universities, of which only two are in the state capital, Tallahassee, and the rest are scattered in small cities throughout the state.
Universities are concentrated in provincial capitals, while almost all other cities have normal colleges, which have been changed into local comprehensive colleges in recent years.
Undergraduate: art, English, French, history, international affairs, music, politics, psychology, Spanish, drama, accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing, operations and purchasing, music education, music, biology, biotechnology, chemistry, communication, computer science, education, information systems, mathematics, care, political science, social services, sociology, sports management, architecture, project management, mechanical engineering, information engineering, design of learning



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