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The school specialises in the following areas: creative and applied arts, health and human services, literature and languages, management and business, science and technology, social and cultural studies.
Accounting, business finance and investment management, computer information system, criminal justice, display and design, early childhood education, fine arts, international business, journalism, library technology, marketing and sales, nursing, nutrition and food service management, professional computer science and technology, the specialized photographic image, publishing technology and skill, secretary of the court, entertainment facilities management, entertainment organization leadership, small business development, social service, special education assistant,
Dramatic art, must have a bachelor of science degree in bachelor of arts degree, associate, including cooperative education and internship certificate and a three-month-long, application of computer technology, Canadian studies, classical studies, business (1 year), computer science, engineering, environmental science, European studies, family studies, general education, Latin America and the Pacific region, peace and conflict, women’s studies, accounting, anthropology, art history, biology, Canadian studies, chemistry, Chinese and ancient
Standard research, media, computer science, economics, English, environmental studies, European studies, family studies, art, history, geography, geology, Greek, French, sports, Japanese, Latin, Latin American studies, mathematics, the Pacific studies, peace and conflict studies, philosophy, physics, entertainment, religious studies, sociology, statistics, women’s studies and Spanish.

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