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Middlesex University is a comprehensive public university founded in 1973 in the United Kingdom.
Today, Middlesex University is known for its vision of higher education.
Middlesex University is dedicated to teaching and research and is an innovative learning centre.
The university has four faculties: Arts and Education, Business, Engineering and Information Sciences, and Health and Social Sciences.
It offers more than 230 undergraduate courses and more than 80 graduate courses, with outstanding overall advantages in the fields of business, economics, management science, computer, multimedia and design.
School courses include accounting and finance, advertising, public relations and media, animation, biological sciences, business, business management, business economics, marketing, computer network, network programming, computer science, journalism, dance performances, crime, criminology and psychology, education, English, fashion, film, art, graphic design, traditional Chinese medicine, information technology, journalism and communication, law, music, photography, music, nursing, philosophy, psychology, sociology, physical education and sports science, television production, drama, translation, veterinary care, and so on.
The strengths of the school are architecture, business management, chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical and electronic engineering and so on.
Middlesex University’s business school is one of the best in the world, ranked among the top 50 European business schools in the authoritative “Guide to the Best Business Schools in Europe”, and its MBA programme is accredited by the Association of MBA Professors in the UK (only 20 of the more than 200 MBA programmes in the UK are recognised).
It was ranked 105th in the prestigious Times University Rankings in the UK in 2009.


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