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Mount saint Vincent university located in Halifax (Halifax) or Canada famous tourist city and seaport city, the traffic is convenient, just a few minutes to go downtown museum, opera house, hotel and shopping center, nice people here, good stability and social order, local people warm, friendly, kind and helpful.
Active student association is another distinctive feature of the school, the students’ union and university administrative department, government and other university, college of close cooperation, make student life more colorful. Student association to provide internships for students, income, and the opportunity to increase the understanding of the social. The school also has a public relations, science and English association, and outdoor club, French club, international student association, sports and recreation clubs such as different types of organizations. The school health club free for students to use;
School also has a dance studio, gym, basketball, volleyball and other sports facilities. Comfortable and convenient student apartment is the students a warm new home, colorful campus activities is the student know the school, to find the best way to make friends. Symbol of shallow ocean blue is the color of the school characteristics. High quality of the teaching course, meaningful community activities and beautiful campus scenery is it become one of the most exciting places in Canada;
It is a wise choice to choose this university for your future study. The university features low tuition fee and high quality of teaching, which allows you to enter the university directly without TOEFL score.

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