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Murdoch University is an Australian public research University founded in 1973.
Murdoch University has been translated into other names including Murdoch University, Murdoch University, Murdoch University, Murdoch University, Knife Grinder University, etc.The university has six schools and 16 departments, including the School of Liberal Arts Education, the School of Law and Business, the School of Innovative Technology and Media, the School of Mining and Energy, and the School of Environment and Life Sciences.
Mo murdoch university has grown to more than 180 undergraduate, masters and PhD programs, including accounting, animal science, Asian studies, trade, information technology, politics, international research, engineering, law, environmental science, mathematics, physics, medicine, pharmacy, sociology, anthropology, education, media studies, communication studies, psychology, veterinary science, biology, medical science and so on.
The university is best known for its department of Veterinary Medicine, but other strong disciplines include philosophy, Asian studies and so on.
The University has made many contributions and many of Its research results have ultimately benefited society, including plant disease control, animal health, clean air, waste disposal and environmental technologies.A survey by The Good Universities Guide ranks Murdoch as having The highest graduate satisfaction rate in 11 of 12 years, an achievement unmatched among Australian Universities.In 2009, The Business school of Murdoch University ranked 26th in the country in the educational evaluation.In addition, Murdoch University ranks between 400 and 500 in the academic ranking of world universities evaluated by Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

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