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The University of Paris V, founded in 1971, is a comprehensive university focusing on human and medical sciences.
As a multidisciplinary university, The University awards more than 200 national diplomas in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, biomedicine, humanities and social sciences, psychology and neuroscience, law, politics, economics and management sciences, mathematics, computer informatics and sports science.The University of Paris V, located in the heart of the Latin Region of Paris, has three medical schools, a dental school, a school of pharmacy and a school of biomedicine, making it the only comprehensive university of health sciences on a European scale in France.
The major disciplines of The University are: biological sciences, science and Technology, law and political science, and economic management science.
Dr Strong scientific research strength of the school, has 13 graduate students (including 7 for joint research institute), 1 (ECP), Paris, and Paris business school higher economic business school (ESSEC) and the French national institute of health and medical research (INSERM) biotechnology hatcheries, 82 laboratories of cooperation, most of them with France’s national centre for scientific research (CNRS) and INSERM cooperation.

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