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The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), founded in 1887, is a comprehensive national university in Australia.RMIT is a member of the ATN and GU8 Association of Australian Universities of Technology.The program spans three major academic disciplines, including 25 departments.
Fields of Scientific Engineering and Technology: Aerospace, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Applied Science, Civil Affairs, environmental protection, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science and information Technology, Electrical engineering, Health Science, Infrastructure, Electronic Technology and Building Services, Life and physical Science, Mathematics, Earth Science, Pharmaceutical Science;Business: Accounting and Law, Business Information Technology, School of Business Continuing Education, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Graduate Business School, Management;
Design Society: Communication applications, Architecture and Design, art, creative media, design, education, Clothing and textiles, International Graphic Technology Center, Real estate, Construction, Project Management.RMIT offers a variety of programs, undergraduate, master’s and doctoral programs, TAFE certificate and diploma programs, and online and distance learning.Provided by the school including accounting, business administration, economics, finance, financial planning, hotel management, international business, marketing, tourism, aerospace, industrial automation, civil engineering, electrical engineering, computer systems, environmental engineering, food engineering, mechanical engineering, advertising, graphic design, journalism and media studies, photography, the mass media, public relations, applied chemistry, applied physics, psychology and so on.
The advantageous subjects of the university are computer, information technology, communication, engineering and technology, transportation and logistics management, etc.In 2007, RMIT was ranked by Times Higher Education as one of the top 200 universities in the world.

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