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How to get Royal Roads University undergraduate diploma?

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Royal Road University, founded in 1940, is a public university in Canada.
Royal Road is also the only public university in Canada to provide professional education for working people.
The school is located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, formerly the Royal Road Military College.
The learning mode of Royal Road University is based on short-term on-campus learning mode and online learning mode based on team.
By working with experts from all walks of life to set up specialized courses, the school ensures that students acquire the knowledge and skills needed by the current society.
The school’s flexible admission policy recognizes learning outside the classroom, and if students want to complete their undergraduate studies quickly, it also offers an intensive on-campus learning model that allows students to complete a three-year or four-year undergraduate degree in 12 months.
The majors offered by Royal Road University include: judicial Studies, environmental Science, International hotel management, environmental management, conflict analysis and management, disaster and emergency management, environment and management, human security and peacemaking, multidisciplinary research, leadership, tourism management, business administration, etc.

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