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The University has a faculty of arts, a Faculty of adult basic education, a Faculty of business and Aviation, a Faculty of digital media, music and Information Technology, a Faculty of health and humanities, a Faculty of Tourism, a Faculty of Industrial and Business Training, a Faculty of reuse resources, and a Faculty of Arts and Sciences.In addition to English language training and a wide range of post-secondary courses, there is also a 2-year college transfer course, which is recognized by all BC universities.The College of Reuse Resources is one of the most popular colleges among Canadian students. In addition, many majors offered by the college have been recognized and praised by relevant institutions.For example, Hill College is the only college of all higher education institutions in British Columbia to offer a forestry and environmental planning program and to be accredited by the Technical Technologists of Science and Technology (CCTT) and the Provincial Association of Forestry Experts (ABCFP).
The school’s recreation, fisheries, and wildlife biology programs are also recognized by the North American Wildlife Science Association (NAWTA), an international body, and graduates have the opportunity to earn NAWTA membership and specialist qualifications.
Founded in 1987, The Center for International Education at Hill College has 2,000 students and more than 200 international students.
The reputation of the college has been strong, with surveys of students over the past five years showing student satisfaction at more than 90 per cent.
Undergraduate major: Arts, Science, Business, Applied Science, Environmental Science and Management, Sports physics education, computer information system, forest, social work, nursing, etc.

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