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Sant ‘Rega College is Canada’s largest public college of higher education. Founded in 1967, it has eight campuses in the Toronto area.
The university has a complete education system, with 163 specialties (in 2010) including junior college, undergraduate and postgraduate certificates (one-year system) and professional training. The total number of students is nearly 100,000, with nearly 20,000 full-time students.
Sant ‘Rega is Canada’s largest public college of higher education. It has the largest business school in Canada.
For many years in a row, Sant ‘Rega college has been ranked the highest in student satisfaction in the Toronto area.
The employment rate of sANT ‘Rija College graduates (one-year program) is 100%.
There is a strong emphasis on practice, with many majors offering a four-month “career take-off” internship in the second and third years.
With our constantly updated curriculum and the development of popular majors, our graduates are well prepared to meet the demands of today’s and tomorrow’s job market.

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