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How to get Technische Universit?t Berlin undergraduate diploma


The Technical University of Berlin is a comprehensive public university of science and technology in Germany.
The school was founded in 1770 as a technical school established by Kaiser Wilhelm II to train agricultural and handicraft talents.
The school is located in the Charlottenburg district of Berlin, the capital of the state of Berlin.Berlin university of technology with bachelor, master, doctor course, set up professional include: labor science, architecture, civil engineering, architectural technology/engineering technology, bioengineering, brewing and beverage technology, chemistry, economics, electrical engineering, geological science, informatics, culture and technology, the landscape planning and landscape architecture, food chemistry, food technology, machinery manufacturing, mathematics, financial technology, natural science, physics, urban and regional planning, environmental protection technology, applied mathematics, traffic design, engineering economy, economic mathematics and so on.Itsu’s research and academic performance are outstanding, thanks to the quality of its faculty.
The graduates of the Technical University of Berlin, especially in the field of science and technology and modern technology, fully demonstrate their strong strength in the job market, occupy the management level of various important positions, but also is the representative of the forces in the middle of these industries.In addition, about 20 percent of its students come from abroad, making it more international than other German universities.



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