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The University of Sydney is located in new South Wales, Australia.
Founded in 1850, it is Australia’s first university and one of its largest.
The University of Sydney is a member of Australia’s eight leading universities. It is also a member of the Pacific University Union (APRU) and the Asia-pacific Alliance for International Trade Education and Research (PACIBER). Its President is the current President of the APRU Alliance.
At the beginning of its establishment, the University of Sydney maintained a close academic partnership with The Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. The book symbolizing Oxford and the Lion of Cambridge are the best examples.
The main building is also modelled on Oxford University and Cambridge University, and the university is dedicated to providing students with a niujian-style college life.
According to the latest Edition of The Times World Rankings for Higher Education (2007), the University of Sydney ranks 31st in the world, 5th in arts and humanities, 19th in social sciences and 20th in biomedical Sciences.
In 2008, it ranked sixth in the Asia-Pacific region.
Everything from specialist at the university of Sydney has to PhD courses, professional with agriculture, food and natural resources institute, school of architecture, the faculty of arts, dentist, business, education and social work college, college of engineering and information technology, college of art, health sciences, law school, medical school, music institute, college of nursing, college of pharmacy, academy of sciences and veterinary college.

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