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The University of Southern Brittany was founded in 1966 as a faculty of Law and Economics, and grew from strength to strength until it was officially sanctioned by the French Ministry of Education in 1995.
The University now has three campuses in LORIENT, VANNES and PONTIVY.
At the university of southern Brittany is liberal arts comprehensive university, set up art and institute of language and literature, college of humanities and social science, law, economics and management school and the school of science, technology and health, lorient nerd university institute of technology university institute of technology, tile, southern Brittany national higher institute of engineers, more than 100 professional, educational system is divided into three stages, the technology can be awarded the university diploma, bachelor’s degree, master, doctor and engineer.
Selection at the University of South Brittany is very strict. If a student has obtained a certificate of pre-registration for his or her major, it means that he or she can advance to the major according to the date of registration.
The school has strong teachers and excellent teaching quality, which attracts more and more French students to study here.

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