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Founded in 1971 in the Creteil school district in the southeast of Paris, Paris xii University is a comprehensive university of arts and sciences.
The University has faculties of literature and Humanities, Science and Engineering, Law and Society, Economic Management and environment, life Science and Health, etc.The academic education of the university coexists with continuing education, and its academic strengths include biological engineering, biomedical engineering, technical interface, environmental management, artificial prosthesis, robot and industrial computer, etc.
There are 52 research groups in the fields of mathematics, biomechanics and energy, industrial computers and automation, environment, chemistry, biotechnology, Science, law, economics and management, European studies, literature, language and humanities.
Paris Xii University attaches great importance to international exchanges. Its main target of cooperation and exchange is Europe. It cooperates with European universities in various disciplines.It also has partnerships in Africa, Latin America, Asia and North America, while China has partnerships with Shanghai International Studies University, Nanjing University and Shanghai Second Medical University.

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