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The Second University of Rennes, founded in 1969, is the successor to the School of Arts founded in Rennes in 1810. Located in the centre of Rennes, today it has 19,478 students and 600 teachers in 5 teaching and research units (UFR), namely, arts, Literature and Communication, Language, humanities, social sciences and physical education.Rennes II is committed both to tradition and to the future.
From remote sensing to audiovisual studies, from geographic planning to art books, from human and social science to stress biomechanics, Rennes II is both academically balanced and concerned with the quality of life on campus.
The University attaches great importance to international relations and offers a variety of foreign language courses.
The school is best known for its Foreign Language program, which trains French teachers and attracts a large number of French and foreign students.
Rennes II has a doctoral school, three mixed research units (UMR) and 18 reception research groups.
The school pays attention to the innovation of teaching quality and teaching methods and enjoys a high reputation in France.

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