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In 2005, the school of engineering completed the advanced power engineering laboratory at the university of Bristol.The £18.5m laboratory was officially opened by queen Elizabeth ii on 25 February 2005.

In September 2009, the Centre for Nanoscience and Quantum Information at the university of Bristol was opened, featuring a state-of-the-art, £110m professional laboratory with the lowest ever levels of vibration and noise, despite its location in the city Centre.

Center for nanoscience and quantum information

Professor Thomas, vice-chancellor, said: “with the creation of the NSQI centre statement of intent, the university of Bristol is committed to attracting and retaining many of the world’s leading researchers at the centre for nanoscience and quantum information, ensuring that the south west of England can benefit from its technology and strengthening the university’s position as a UK leader in innovation.

In 2011, the university of Bristol and the university of Oxford jointly established the Nuclear Research Centre.[35] in 2014, the university of Bristol announced a strategic partnership with the French company EDF to build a base for nuclear energy research and teaching in the southwest of England.

In 2014, the school of biological sciences completed its most advanced life sciences building at a cost of 54 million pounds. The new life sciences building laboratory is used for teaching and enhancing undergraduate research learning and teacher-student interaction, making the university of Bristol the first choice for research and teaching.

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