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The University of Calgary is a public university in Canada. Founded in 1966, it is located in northwest Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It is one of the top seven research universities in Canada.
Formerly known as the University of Alberta Calgary, it began to confer degrees independently in 1966.
The University of Calgary is one of the best public universities in Canada, with first-class teaching facilities and faculty, complete planning and advanced facilities.
Many international students are attracted to study at the University of Calgary due to its low cost of living, good learning environment and high level of teaching.
University of Calgary is awarded the bachelor degree, master’s degree and doctorate, professional set up extensive, open the main undergraduate majors are: accounting, actuarial science, ancient and medieval history, anthropology, astrophysics, bioinformatics, biomedical science, botany, chemistry, civil engineering, computer science, dance, earth science, economics, education, electrical engineering, mathematics, English, environmental science, marketing, etc.;
Open the main professional graduate student: anthropology, archaeology, art, biological science, chemistry, communication, business management, enterprise management research, computer science, economics, education, geological engineering, English, environmental design, geography, French, Italian and Spanish, Greek and Roman studies, history, kinematics, linguistics, psychology, public policy, religious studies, sociology, etc.
The University of Calgary also offers a scholarship program to help students complete their studies.

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