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The University of Idaho is a comprehensive public university. Founded in 1889, it is Idaho’s oldest university.
Meanwhile, the campus of the University of Idaho is also one of the most beautiful campuses in the Western United States.
Institute of the university of Idaho has seven, respectively is the college of agriculture and life science, architecture and art institute, institute of economic and business administration, college of education, college of engineering, graduate school, law school, literature and social science institute, college of natural resources and the faculty of science, open from the wild resources, a total of more than 100 professional accounting, such as:
Accounting, advertising, agriculture, agricultural economy, the United States, research, animal and veterinary science, anthropology, the arts, business and marketing education, communications, clothing, textile and design, computer science, early childhood development and education, ecology and conservation biology, economics, electrical and computer engineering, entomology, environmental science, sport science and health, food science, geology, foreign language and literature, English, interior design, gardening and urban landscape management, physics, psychology, sociology, soil and land resources, drama and film, and wildlife resources, etc.


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