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The University of Ottawa (abbreviated As U of O or Ottawa U) is a research university in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It is also one of the oldest universities in Canada.
The University of Ottawa has schools of management, Arts, education, engineering, health, Law, Medicine, science and social sciences.
The University of Ottawa offers the following graduate and undergraduate programmes:
Statistics, behavior science, biology, chemistry, biology, mba, church law and porous molecular medicine, chemical engineering, toxins, chemical, construction, the classical study, communication, computer science, sports, crime psychology, theatre director, land science, chemical engineering, project management, economics, pedagogy, English, environmental engineering, epidemiology and public medical, executive master of business administration, geography, health management, history, and molecular genetic, human kinetics, law, linguistics, mathematics and statistics, mechanical and aerospace engineering, microbial immunology, missionary studies, music, and care
Philosophy, Individual Studies, philosophy, physics, psychology, religious studies, social Services, Software Engineering, Spanish, Scientific Systems, Theology, Translation studies, women’s Studies, etc.

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