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The University of Regina, founded in 1911, is a public university in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.
As a service-oriented education institution, the University of Regina provides students with high-quality teaching and a comfortable learning and living environment.
Every student will enjoy a consistent and personalized service upon admission.
The school adopts the small class teaching mode, the strong learning atmosphere is convenient for students to discuss, at the same time, it also enables teachers to conduct personalized teaching for different students.
Schools have the main professional: geography, history, political science, religious studies, psychology, anthropology, economics, management, human justice, journalism, sociology and social research, women’s studies, education, chemistry, computer science, geology, industrial and oil system, film and television, music, drama, visual arts, sports management, geology, biology, computer science, mathematics, astronomy, physics, literature and statistics, psychology, applied science, business administration, education, engineering, art, music, administration, social work, etc.

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