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Nanyang Technological University Office transcript

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In 2004, the Undergraduate On-campus Research Scheme was launched to provide opportunities for academically-focused undergraduates to participate in various research projects;Adopt independent recruitment standards and have the right to recruit 10% of new students;To implement the plan with The Singapore Sports School to develop a breakthrough through train comprehensive curriculum for sports school students;Establishing a Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, offering a bachelor of Arts honours degree in Economics and offering minor courses in Chinese, English, economics, psychology and sociology;Offers three new undergraduate programmes: a degree in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, a degree in computer science and a degree in maritime studies,buy NTU degree certificate, buy NTU fake diploma, buy NTU fake postgraduate certificate, buy undergraduate transcript Nanyang Technological University 2011-2011, Nanyang Technological University offers double enrollment for students without TOEFL scores.Establishment of China strategy Office and India Strategy Office;Signed a contract with Cornell School of Hotel Management to establish the Connell-Nanyang School of Hospitality Management, offering joint master’s degree programs.

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