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On 20 June 2006, queen's university announced that it would invest £259m to upgrade equipment, recruit talent and carry out research.One result of the project was the McKree library, designed by Shepley Bulfinch, an architectural design firm in Boston, in collaboration with Robinson Patterson Partnership in Belfast, which opened in July 2009.The library was named after Sir Allen McClay, a major benefactor of the university.In June 2010, queen's university announced a £7.5m investment to build the Ansin International Research Hub with Seagate technology


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Queen’s university Belfast was founded in 1810 by the Belfast Academical Institution.Queen’s university is also one of the 10 oldest universities in the United Kingdom.Today, the Belfast society has changed its name to royal Belfast college.In 1845, Queen’s college Belfast, the predecessor of Queen’s University, was granted a royal charter as part of Queen’s University, Ireland.At the same time, Queen’s College (Cork) and Queen’s College (Galway) were established.Queen’s college was founded to provide higher education for catholics and presbyterians, as a rival to trinity college Dublin, then part of the Anglican church.In 1849, queen’s college Belfast officially opened.The main building was designed by the architect Sir Charles Lanyon, hence its name.When the college started with only 23 professors and 343 students, some of its students switched to the university of London without taking the university’s exams.

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