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Technical University of Berlin

Technische Universitat Berlin is located in the capital of Germany on the Banks of the Spree River, “Mother River” of Berlin.
It is one of the four Universitaet in Berlin and the only university of science and engineering in Berlin.It is now a member of TU9, one of seven Universities in Germany, TIME European Union of Universities of Top industrial managers, one of ten universities in Germany, CESAER European Union of Universities of Higher Engineering Education and Research, and one of six universities in PEGASUS European Union of Universities of Aerospace Cooperation.
The School of Electronics was formed by merging the School of Electrical engineering and the School of Computer Science for better collaboration in teaching and research.In energy, health, communication, security and other industries, both disciplines are highly cross-disciplinary and play a core role, which also highlights the practical significance of cooperation.It is the largest department of Berlin Institute of Technology, with a history of more than 200 years.The Berlin Institute of Architecture attracts a large number of overseas students and lecturers, with more than 250 projects taking place at the school each year.With the gradual development of the urbanization process, more and more problems are exposed to people. As an old developed European country, Germany’s methods and experience in solving the urbanization process and increasingly serious environmental problems have become a model for many developing countries to learn from.Currently, faculty and students are involved in 480 different types of projects and are responsible for the development and optimization of large-scale systems such as nanotechnology, intercity express, and commercial aircraft.
Among them, airbus, Siemens, Fraunhofer Institute and other enterprises and institutions have carried out strategic cooperation with the School of Mechanics to ensure the delivery of talents.



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