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The University of Leeds where everyone wants to go

Leeds college of Media Media professional, MA Communication and Media, MA New Media, MA Media Industries of the three professional is one of the biggest filings, so apply for trial is also relatively will be more strict, attached great importance to the three course applicants learned enough in the course of theory, analysis and research courses, highly inclined to receive partial practical undergraduate majors (such as broadcasting, television playwright-director, education, translation, etc.),
They are also less inclined to accept non-humanities majors (e.g., management, advertising, finance, economics, trade, engineering, etc.).
These three courses can accept undergraduate background including but not limited to: media, journalism, philosophy, history, law, literature.
For language majors, these three programs would prefer to focus on literature and research rather than language skills.

The University of Leeds is located in the city of Leeds, England. Its history can be traced back to the establishment of the Leeds Medical College in 1831. King Edward VII officially conferred the title of University of Leeds in 1904.
After more than a century of development, The University of Leeds has become one of the prestigious universities and one of the largest in the UK.
The University of Leeds places equal emphasis on teaching and research and has the largest number of students in the UK.
The University of Leeds has arts, law, business, science, engineering, social, educational, health, dental and medical schools;
Courses related to enterprise management, advertising, marketing, international marketing management, human resource management, management, international finance, financial, accounting, financial, economic, financial, research, international communication, international news, translation, narrator translation, English literature, drama, linguistics, history, culture, art, law, music, international relations and international political and economic, sociology, public policy, English teaching education, education, reporting, mathematics, physics, chemistry, information, computer, multimedia, design, environment, nanotechnology, food science, biochemistry and microbiology, sports science, biology, medicine, transportation research, electronic communications, civil and material
Materials, textiles, aerospace, mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, color chemistry, medicine, oral surgery, hospital management, public health, health care, etc.
Including English, food science, Italian, logistics, simultaneous interpretation, translation, Asian studies, biological sciences, business administration, computer, chemical, communication and media studies, dental medicine, southeast Asian studies, electrical and electronic engineering, art, German, French, geography, geology and its related language, the Iberian language and its research, mathematics, statistics and operations research, music, pharmacology and pharmacy, medicine was rated as outstanding course related subjects.
Thirty-five departments at The University of Leeds were awarded national or international “Excellence”, and more than 800 researchers took part in research projects of international significance, all with a 5 or 5* grade.
The University of Leeds was ranked 97 in the QS World University Rankings 2015.



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