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Bedford university is just a 22-minute train ride from central London, surrounded by the beautiful Chiltern Hills.Luton is close to London but life is much cheaper than in the capital.Luton's geography is ideal for students, who can fully enjoy London in a short train ride.Luton international airport has many low-cost flights to many British and European cities.London's gatwick and heathrow international airports are only an hour away.Luton is a medium-sized town with a population of about 250,000.The town is large because of its abundant facilities;But it's small, because you'll soon get used to the local environment.The town offers worship facilities for all faiths.You can also find international food here.Luton also has a famous Chinese supermarket, restaurants and cafes serving south Asian and African food.


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Bader ford university has a very wide range of courses: art, design, business (including mba), travel, advertising, marketing, public relations, the computer (including transfer computer non-computer specialized graduate master degree), law (including the LLM), media, health care, biomedical science, social science, physical education and psychology.There are preparatory, bachelor’s and master’s programs, as well as research programs and English language programs at all levels.

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