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What is Doctoral degree

Doctoral degree programs, also known as Ph.D. programs, are the most advanced type of degree program available. Admittance into a doctoral degree program may require individuals to hold a master’s degree, although several programs accept candidates who only hold bachelor’s degrees. Additional requirements to be accepted into these programs may include submitting standardized test scores and sending in letters of recommendation. Completing a Ph.D. program usually takes several years, and often involves the completion of a dissertation and a major research project. Medical-related doctoral programs may have students complete hands-on clinical hours with real patients during the final years of the program. Ph.D. graduates are qualified to work as experts in areas of business or research, and professors at the postsecondary level. Common types of doctoral degrees include those listed below: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Juris Doctor (J.D.) Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) While there are many different college level degree options, the four main degree levels include associate, bachelors, masters, and doctorate. A doctorate degree is considered the highest level of formal academic training. You’ve likely heard it referred to as a PhD, but that is simply in reference to a Doctor of Philosophy, which is a generic title that covers a wide range of fields including English, astrophysics and chemistry. One can also become a Doctor of Engineering (D.Eng), Doctor of Education (EdD), Doctor of Medicine (MD) and more. Doctoral degrees have traditionally required the student to earn the degree in a classroom, but these days online doctorates are being offered much more frequently and can be earned in as few as three years. But some fields are more demanding (think law school or medical school) and can take up to eight years to complete. Only about 0.9 percent of Americans have earned a doctoral degree. There is, however, an impressive repertoire of jobs for which a doctoral degree can qualify you, some of which include working as a psychologist, surgeon, doctor, professor or high-level research scientist.



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