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What was it like doing a masters degree at Manchester University?

Learning resources are really no comparison of any school in China, the school has a total of more than a dozen libraries, many colleges have their own libraries (huanfa also have), the library system is very developed, it is easy to find information, learning area is also very much.
There is also a special 24-hour self-study building, Learning Commons, which is a very beautiful glass house with a sense of design. There are printers, computers, small booths and a special group study room on each floor.

Class sizes vary. HRM is about 100 persons in a major, while HRD is about 40 or 50 persons.
For elective courses, there is no difference. For compulsory courses, I think it is better to have a small class size, because there are fewer people in lectures and tutorials, and teachers can communicate with you more. In group discussions, you will have more chances to talk in words



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