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The Air Force University (Maxwell Air Force Base) is an air education and training institution based at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama. It is an important part of the Air Education and Training Command Battalion and a center for professional military education.
The Air Force University (Maxwell Air Force Base), founded in 1946, continues the tradition of educating outstanding air force personnel and is regarded as the planner and leader of tomorrow.
As the air Force’s core of leadership, the Air Force University (Maxwell Air Force Base) provides the most comprehensive air Force education, as well as the highest level of professional military education.
The university’s professional military education has well developed pilots’ personal and professional abilities as well as air and space power, mainly for national security.
The Air Force University is composed of dozens of colleges, including the Air Force War College;
Air Command and Staff College;
Squadron Officer Academy;
Faculty of Aerospace Research and Education;
Air Force Officer Training School;
Community colleges;
The Air Force and other support groups.
The major courses offered at The Air Force University (Maxwell Air Force Base) include joint strategic leadership, strategic foundation, religious and cultural studies, global security, combat forces, joint air and space operations, long-range leadership in cross-cultural environments, leadership team building, team-building leadership, and so on.
The air Force University curriculum focuses on knowledge and capabilities, personal and social needs and development, focusing on students’ leadership and command, and the highest levels of air and space power.
Professional continuing education provides scientific, technical, managerial and other professional knowledge to meet the needs of the community for the air force.

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