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The University of Athabasca is a Canadian public university established in 1970 in Athabas, Alberta, Canada, with campuses in Edmond and Calgary, Canada’s fourth largest city.
The University of Athabasca is a member of the Association of Canadian Institutions of Higher Learning, whose mission is to clear the way for adults in Alberta, Canada and around the world to receive a college education that has traditionally been multi-restrictive.
To this end, athabasca University has adopted an open-enrollment policy for its undergraduate degree programs.
Athabasca university will be awarded related certificate, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctor degree, professional set up extensive, open the main professional: accounting, anthropology, Canadian studies, communication, computer and information system, criminal justice, e-commerce, English, finance, French, history, human resource management, human resources and labor relations, human science, information systems, marketing, nursing, psychology, public administration, sociology, political and economic, women and gender studies, etc.
At the same time, the school offers distance education courses to facilitate the majority of students on their own learning.

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