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Founded in 1938, Red River College is located in Winnipeg, the capital of Manitoba, Canada.
Red River College is a national junior college, the largest and most comprehensive college in Manitoba, and one of the largest colleges in Canada.
Honghe university opened more than hundred full-time practical technology courses and professional courses, including a one-year professional certificate course, two-year diploma course, one-year advanced degree courses, involving the construction industry, digital multimedia, business management, aerospace, nursing, advertising art, computer engineering, electronic engineering, hotel management, tourism management, information system technology, biotechnology and so on.
The college offers ESL (non-native English) courses, which are tailored for new students, and those who complete these courses can move on to professional study.
Honghe College offers the highest quality education and training, enrol full-time and part-time students every year, and has maintained over 90% graduate employment rate and satisfaction rate. It is a prestigious University in Canada suitable for international students.

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