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The Thirteenth University of Paris is one of the thirteen universities derived from the Sorbonne.
There are four campuses in Villetaneuse, Saint-Denis, Bobigny and La Plaine Saint-Denis.
The thirteenth College of Paris awards more than 200 national diplomas and 56 large schools diploma;
There are 6 different teaching and research units (UFR), 1 specialized school of science, 3 university Technical colleges (IUT) and 4 major vocational colleges (IUP).Of these, there are nearly 50 vocational courses, including a diploma in engineering in four specialties.
Field of study: Culture and communication industry and policy;Literature, language, human, biological and social sciences;Economic management;
Law, politics and social sciences;Science and Technology;Health, science and society;
Social professions, enterprises and administration, telecommunications networks and services;
Industrial engineering and maintenance, mechanical engineering and production information automation, health, safety and environment, physical measurement, materials science and Engineering, commercial technology;
Legal profession, telecommunications and network engineering, Electrical engineering and industrial computers, computer information.
The 13th University of Paris is a major scientific research center in the northern part of Paris.
The university has a total of 32 laboratories in three campuses, covering almost all disciplines and fields, and combines basic research with achievement transformation to develop famous laboratories.
Student reception, orientation, integration and academic success are the primary goals of the thirteenth school in Paris.
To this end, there are a number of services and resources for students to use on each campus: 3 libraries, information and data centers, cultural and artistic activities, various sports activities, housing, internships, employment and other practical daily help.

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