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The University of Colorado at Boulder (BOULDER), founded in 1876, is a university focused on cultural integration and international cooperation. The university system consists of four campuses: The University of Colorado Boulder, The University of Colorado Denver, the University of Colorado Springs, and the University of Colorado Medical Center.
The University of Colorado is the largest public university in Colorado and the leading institution of higher education in the region.
According to the New York Times University Guide, the best discipline is “molecular and cellular developmental Biology,” and the department has an electron microscope, a national reputation.
In addition, the University of Colorado prides itself on being an all-student-operated satellite into space, and 11 of the people who have landed in space are graduates of the university.
At the university of Colorado at boulder can be awarded bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctorate, open the main professional: accounting, advertising, and aerospace engineering science, anthropology, applied mathematics, engineering, architecture, art history, Asian studies, astronomy, biology, chemistry, biology, radio news, chemical engineering, civil engineering, communications, computer science, dance, design research, economics, electrical engineering, engineering physics, English, environmental engineering, national research, film studies, mechanical engineering, geological science, history, linguistics, media studies, music, psychology of religious studies, sociology, etc.

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