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Founded in 1900 by industrialist Andrew Carnegie, Carnegie Mellon University is an American private school with campuses in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and campuses around the world.
Since its inception, Carnegie Mellon University has been committed to innovation, the birthplace and pioneer of pioneering thinking and successful entrepreneurs.
Carnegie Mellon University Australia was founded in 2006 as the first US university to open a campus in Australia, in Adelaide, the capital of South Australia.
School will be a world class degree in the United States and Australia’s learning experience together, all of its course are the authority of the certification, to provide internationally recognised postgraduate degree, information technology is a master of science and a master of science, public policy and management covers the business intelligence and data analysis, information technology, information security management concentration, the concentration of technology and analysis, and other professional courses.
Carnegie Mellon controls the right teacher-student ratio to provide personalized service to each student with different needs.

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