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Derry University offers a variety of bachelor’s and master’s degrees.
Different campuses offer different majors and courses.
Students can study for associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees at 5 colleges of Derry University.
Many degrees offer a variety of major directions, but different colleges and programs offer different major directions.
In addition, Drury University students may enroll in the Master’s program in the Department of Education in the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Humanities at Drury University.
Drury University’s Keller School of Management offers a wide range of graduate programs in business administration, project management, accounting and financial management.
In addition, Keller offers graduate degrees in a variety of fields, including but not limited to: wireless communications, human resource management, and entrepreneurship.
Drury University grew out of the DE Forrest Training School, which was founded in 1931 by Dr. Hernan Drury to train professionals who could operate electronic equipment, filmmaking instruments, radios and televisions.
Since then, the university’s name has been changed several times to eventually become “Delury University”.
Durrell University has a history of more than 80 years during which Durrell University has become a leader in many important fields.
It was one of the first universities to participate in the G.I. bill, and one of the first to offer an associate’s degree in electrical engineering science and online learning.
The university’s Keller Graduate School of Management was the first private graduate school to receive institutional accreditation.
Drury University is one of the largest private universities in North America.

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