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Gustav institute (st) known that this is a private undergraduate Christian colleges and universities in the United States, was founded in 1862, mainly the opening of a liberal arts education, can be awarded a bachelor’s degree, at the same time, the region’s outstanding senior high school students can take some preparatory courses of the school, early experience college life, and to make smooth transition after entering the university.
Gustav Adolfo College offers programs that include:
Accounting, architecture, art/history, athletic training, biochemistry, biology, business, chemistry, church, classical, communication research, computer science, the dance, dental medicine, economics, basic education, environment research, engineering, English, French, German, geography, geology, health science, history, international management, Japanese, management, mathematics, medicine, music, music education, medicine, nursing, professional massage, optometry, physical therapy, political science, religion, Russian, Spanish, women’s studies, veterinary medicine, law, sociology, anthropology, Latin, etc.

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