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Lamar University is located in Beaumont, East Texas, USA.
Founded in 1923, it is a four-year comprehensive public university.
Lamar University is one of nine universities in the Texas State University system.
The school is close to a number of world-famous companies, which can provide students with more job and internship opportunities.
Lamar University has faculties of arts, Business, Education and human Development, engineering, arts and communication and research.
The university offers undergraduate, master’s and doctoral degrees to students.
School specialized courses include: biological, environmental science, medical technology, science, art, computer science, computer information system, geology, earth science, space science, English, French, Spanish, philosophy, history, mathematics, care, politics, psychology, sociology, accounting, business law, criminal justice, anthropology, economics, finance, management information system, corporate research, human resources, marketing, and family and consumption and so on.

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