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Southeastern Louisiana University (SEU) is an American public university founded in 1925 with government funds and currently has about 17,000 students.
The University has faculties of arts and Humanities, Business School, Education and Human Development, Nursing and Medicine, Science and Technology, and universal learning.
Southeastern Louisiana University offers undergraduate and graduate programs,
Set up professional include occupational safety, health and the environment, art, art, education, communication, criminal justice, culture, education resource management, English, English, French, French education, history, humanities research, management, marketing, political science, psychology, social studies, education, social work, sociology, Spanish, Spanish education, special education, business management, general research and common sense, music education, music, accounting, sports training, biological sciences, chemistry, communication science, computer science, early childhood education, primary school education, family and consumer sciences, finance, health and physical education, health education and promotion, and health
Research, horticulture, industrial technology, PHYSICAL education, mathematics, mathematics education, nursing, physics, science education, secondary education, language education, etc.
Through continuous development and innovation in recent years, Southeast Louisiana University has developed into a modern university with considerable scale, which has been highly praised by the majority of students.

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